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Indications and usage:

Dosulepin Hydrochloride (Prothiaden) capsules and tablets are indicated in the treatment of symptoms of depressive illness, especially where an anti-anxiety effect is required. Due to its toxicity in overdose, dosulepin should only be used in patients intolerant of or unresponsive to alternative treatment options. Initiation of treatment for patients who have not previously received Dosulepin should be restricted to specialist care prescribers.

Dosage and administration:


Initially, administer 75 mg daily in divided doses or as a single dose at night, increasing to 150 mg/day. In certain circumstances, e.g. in hospital use, dosages up to 225 mg/day have been used. Suggested regimen: 25 to 50 mg three times daily or 75 to 150 mg as a single dose at night. If 150 mg as a single dose is given at night, it is better to give a smaller dose for the first few nights.


The recommended dose of Prothiaden is 50 to 75 mg daily. Elderly patients may require a lower starting dose and slow dose escalation. As with any tricyclic antidepressant, the initial dose should be increased with caution under close supervision.


The use of dosulepin in children has not been studied.

Renal impairment

Use with caution and reduce the dosage of dosulepin in patients with impaired renal function as increased blood levels may develop.

Hepatic impairment

Use with caution and reduce the dosage of Prothiaden (Dosulepin HCl) pills in patients with impaired hepatic function, as increased blood levels may develop.

Dosage forms and strengths:

Prothiaden (Dosulepin Hydrochloride) 25 mg, 50 mg, 75 mg capsules and tablets.


Treatment: a clear airway and adequate ventilation should be ensured in cases of Overdosage by Dosulepin (Prothiaden) pills. Hypoxia and acid-base imbalances should be corrected by assisted ventilation and intravenous sodium bicarbonate as appropriate. Do not give flumazenil to reverse benzodiazepine toxicity in mixed overdoses.


  • Patients with recent myocardial infarction, any degree of heart block or other cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Patients with severe liver disease.
  • Patients with known hypersensitivity to dosulepin hydrochloride or any the excipients of its pills.
  • For the treatment of mania.

    Warnings and precautions:

  • Dosulepin is associated with high mortality in overdose. There is a low margin of safety between the (maximum) therapeutic dose and potentially fatal doses. Onset of toxicity occurs within 4-6 hours.
  • Suicide/suicidal thoughts or clinical worsening.
  • A limited number of tablets should be prescribed to reduce the risk from overdose for all patients and especially for patients at risk of suicide.
  • A maximum prescription equivalent to two weeks supply of 75 mg/day should be considered in patients with increased risk factors for suicide at initiation of treatment, during any dosage adjustment and until improvement occurs. Avoid concomitant medications which may increase the risk of toxicity associated with Prothiaden (Dosulepin HCl) tablets and capsules.
  • Patients should be advised to store the tablets securely, out of sight and reach of children.
  • In cases of overdose, patients should seek immediate medical attention.

    Side effects, adverse reactions:

    The following adverse effects, although not necessarily all reported with dosulepin, have occurred with other tricyclic antidepressants.

    Blood and lymphatic system disorders: bone marrow depression, agranulocytosis.

    Immune system disorder: hypersensitivity reactions.

    Endocrine disorders: inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (ADH) secretion, endocrine side effects.

    Metabolic and nutrition disorder: hyponatremia.

    Psychiatric disorders: psychotic manifestations, including mania and paranoid delusions, suicidal ideation and suicidal behavior may be exacerbated during treatment with tricyclic antidepressants.

    Nervous system disorders: tremors, drowsiness, convulsions, movement disorders, dizziness and headache.

    Cardiac and vascular disorders: postural hypotension. Severe hypotension and cardiac arrhythmias are likely to occur with high dosage or in deliberate overdosage or in patients with a pre-existing heart condition taking normal doses.

    Gastrointestinal disorders: dyspepsia, abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea.

    Hepatobiliary disorders: hepatitis (including altered liver function), cholestatic jaundice.

    Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders: skin rashes, sweating.

    Reproductive system and breast disorders: interference with sexual function may occur.

    General disorders and administration site conditions: asthenia.

    Investigations: increased intraocular pressure, changes in blood sugar levels.

    Drug interactions:

  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) should be avoided.
  • Monoamineoxidase (MAO) inhibitors should not be given concurrently.
  • Dosulepin may alter the pharmacological effect of CNS depressants such as alcohol and narcotic analgesics.
  • Anesthetics given during may increase the risk of arrhythmias and hypotension.
  • Drugs that may affect cardiac conduction (e.g. astemizole, halofantrine, sotalol, terfenadine) should be avoided.
  • The hypotensive activity of certain antihypertensive agents (e.g. bethanidine, debrisoquine, guanethidine) may be reduced by Prothiaden (Dosulepin Hydrochloride) pills.
  • There is an increased risk of postural hypotension when tricyclic antidepressants are given with diuretics.
  • This medication may also antagonize the anticonvulsant effect of antiepileptics (convulsive threshold decreased).
  • Barbiturates may decrease and methylphenidate may increase the serum concentration of dosulepin.

    Related medications:

  • Modafinil (Provigil)
  • Progesterone (Prometrium)

    Use in specific populations:


    Safe use of dosulepin during pregnancy and lactation has not been adequately studied. Withdrawal symptoms, including insomnia, irritability, and excessive perspiration, have been reported in neonates whose mother received tricyclic antidepressant treatment during the third trimester of pregnancy. Use in pregnant women, nursing mothers and women whom may become pregnant requires that possible benefits be weighed against possible hazard to mother and child.


    Dosulepin and its metabolites are excreted in human milk. Breast-feeding should be discontinued during treatment with this medicine.

    Effects on ability to drive and use machines

    Initially, dosulepin may impair alertness; therefore this drug has minor influence on the ability to drive and use machines.

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